Coal industry News

Ukrenergo: coal in warehouses is getting less and less

At the request of manufacturers, due to lack of fuel, 22 units of thermal power plants and thermal power plants cannot operate.

Budget-2021 increase: funds for subsidies and miners

The President signed the Law “On amending the law on the state budget-2021”, which the Rada adopted on September 8.

Ukrenergo: coal stocks in warehouses continue to decrease

In accordance with the fuel accumulation schedule, there is 3.9 times less coal in the TPP warehouses.

Coal stock situation is not improving

The volumes of coal combustion at TPPs continue to exceed the supply volumes.

Centrenergo assures that there will be no problems with coal in the heating season

The company has calculated the projected fuel balance.

The Ministry of Energy sees no problems with coal stocks

The ministry also plans to increase the share of nuclear generation in the energy system by 4%.

Coal industry Analytics

Ukraine reduced coal consumption and increased gasoline

Gas was saved at the beginning of the year. Then they began to consume more than last year.

The reserves of almost all types of fuel decreased during a year in Ukraine

Except of coal.

Ukrainian mines accelerated a decline in coal production

Thermal coal production decreased by 9.4% in 2019 in Ukraine.

Ukrainian mines have slowed the pace of decline in coal production

In Ukraine, thermal coal production decreased by 9.3% for 11 months of 2019.