Coal industry News

DTEK contracts gas-coal and anthracite supplies

The company entered into an agreement on the import of 300 thousand tons of gas-coal and 100 thousand tons of anthracite.

India plans to cut coal imports by one third by 2024

The Indian Ministry of Coal is preparing a plan to reduce coal imports.

NABU has completed the investigation of the concealment of $1.25 million by Minister Nasalik

The Minister of Energy and Coal Mining did not declare $1.25 million.

Imports of Russian coal to Ukraine decreased by 85%

Russia has reduced coal supplies to Ukraine.

DTEK is switching another power unit of the Prydniprovska TPP to gas coal

The company will reconstruct power unit No.11 of the Prydniprovska TPP under gas coal.

The Minister of Energy commented on the situation with undeclared funds.

The day before the NABU detectives reported suspicion to Ihor Nasalik.

Coal industry Analytics

Coal mining in Ukraine for the first half of the year

For the first half of the year, 15 345 thousand tons of coal were mined in Ukraine.

Coal mining in Ukraine

For 5 month of 2019, 12 807 thousand tons of coal was mined in Ukraine. The plan was implemented by 98.7%.

Coal reserves in Ukraine

As of May 22, gas coal and anthracite reserves amount to 2 137 thousand tons.

Anthracite imports to Ukraine in April 2019

According to the results of April 2019, the volume of imported anthracite coal was 339.8 thousand tons.