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The prime cost of a ton of coal in 2019 will increase by 36% up to 4.258 UAH per ton

In 2019, at the state coal mining enterprises, the average prime cost per ton of coal products will increase by 36% - from 3135 to 4258 UAH per ton.

Pridneprovska plant will switch the fourth block to “gas” coal – DTEK

On February 28 of the current year, the Pridneprovska TPP will start the unit No. 10, after switching from anthracite to “gas” coal.

Modernization of mines is under threat – Igor Nasalik

The lack of funding for the coal industry over the several years can lead to the flooding of mines.

China invested $36 billion in coal TPPs in 23 countries

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) has published data on China's investments in coal TPPs, in the amount of $36 billion.

“Centerenergo” switched unit No.3 of the Tripilska TPP to the “gas” coal. It was plumbed in

After switching from the scarce anthracite to the "gas" coal, unit No. 3 of the Tripilska TPP was plumbed in the Ukrainian energy system.

In the OSCE, 60 railcars with coal were caught out, which went from the Luhansk region to the Russian Federation

The movement of railcars with coal in the direction of Russia was fixed on January 13.

Coal industry Analytics

The results of 2018: coal industry

The coal mining plan has been exceeded by 2.1%.