Coal industry News

Since the beginning of 2019, coal imports have declined by almost 9%

In January-March 2019, Ukraine reduced imports of coal and anthracite by 8.6% (by 495.98 thousand tons) compared to the last year.

State mines have been disconnected from electricity supply due to the lack of contracts with suppliers

Since April 1, some state coal mining enterprises have been disconnected from electricity supply.

According to the results of audit SOE Selydivuhillya lost 2 billion UAH

The State Audit Office conducted an audit of the SOE Selydivuhillya and revealed numerous violations for the period 2016-2018.

Finland will phase out the use of coal a year early

Finnish Government decided to terminate the use of coal for electricity a year earlier – by 2029.

“DTEK Prydniprovska TPP” launched the power unit No.10 after switching to Ukrainian gas-coal

After the installation of the new electrical filter and switching from imported anthracite to the Ukrainian gas-coal, “DTEK Prydniprovska TPP” commissioned a power unit No.10.

Belarus assures that the coal is not from ORDLO

In 2018, Ukraine almost a thousand times increased imports of anthracite coal from Belarus, which is not mined in this country.

Coal industry Analytics

Coal imports in March 2019

In March 2019 Ukrainian enterprises imported 412.6 tons of anthracite coal.

USA parts with coal generation

There will be less than 25% of objects working on coal in the overall structure of electricity production in the US.

Thermal coal production in Ukraine

Ukraine reduced thermal coal mining by 7.6% in January – February 2019.

Coal reserves at TPPS`warehouses

TPPs warehouses were filled with 1,184.4 thousand tons.