Coal industry News

The way out for the Ukrainian energy sector is to ban the market and import, otherwise there will be blackout – expert

Electricity imports have damaged the energy industry.

There is a risk that the money will be used fot old companies, and not for new energy sector – expert

Шахты все равно будут закрываться.

Greece will completely abandon the use of coal until 2023

According to the Greek Chamber of Industry, moving away from coal will lead to a reduction of 25 thousand jobs.

DTEK laid Wi-Fi connection in the mine at a depth of half a kilometer

For the first time in the history of Ukraine, the company laid Wi-Fi connection in the Yubileina mine.

UAH 654 million were allocated to miners for salaries

Miners will receive payments for February and debt repayment for previous months.

8-9 GW of old coal generation can be closed today – expert

But it is worth building new coal projects.

Coal industry Analytics

The reserves of almost all types of fuel decreased during a year in Ukraine

Except of coal.

Ukrainian mines accelerated a decline in coal production

Thermal coal production decreased by 9.4% in 2019 in Ukraine.

Ukrainian mines have slowed the pace of decline in coal production

In Ukraine, thermal coal production decreased by 9.3% for 11 months of 2019.

Coal stocks in Ukraine are almost 2 times higher than a year ago

Volumes of thermal coal in warehouses of energy enterprises grew by almost 15% in a month