Thermal coal production in Ukraine

 coal production in Ukraine

According to the information of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining, Ukraine reduced thermal coal mining by 7.6% (by 346.8 thousand tons) in January – February 2019. As a result, Ukrainian coal mining companies totally mined 4.2 million tons of thermal coal.

Herewith, the share of companies under the Ministry of Energy control in the overall 2019 structure have 12.5% (527 thousand tons), while private companies mined 87.5% (3.7 million tons) of thermal coal.

In February 2019, coal mining amounted to 2.1 million tons of coal, while the plan's implementation rate was 96.5%.

Region-leaders in the coal mining sector are still Dnipropetrovsk region, which mined 3.2 million tons and Donetsk region – 898 thousand tons.

It is worth noting that during 2 months of 2019, 3.3 million tons of coal was imported in Ukraine with a total price of $48.2 million. This year, imports counterparties are Russia (64.1% of the total coal imports), the US (30.2%), Kazakhstan (4.5%) and others (1.2%).

It should be recalled, that 2018 results showed that Ukraine reduced thermal coal mining by 2.2% (613 thousand tons) to the level of 27.5 million tons.

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