Coal mining in Ukraine

coal mining

For 5 month of 2019, 12 807 thousand tons of coal was mined in Ukraine of which 1 600 – by state companies and 11 207 thousand tons – by private. Forecasted figure for this period was 12 977 thousand tons, thus the plan was implemented by 98.7%. Production volume decreased by 7.8% compared to the same period last year. In May 2019, 2 603 thousand tons were mined. It is 1.9% less than last year.

Mining dynamics in 2019 looks as followed:
• January — 2 613 thousand tons (implementation of a plan — 94.9%);
• February — 2 487 thousand tons (99.1%);
• March — 2 663 thousand tons (104.9%);
• April — 2 439 thousand tons (98.9%);
• May — 2 603 thousand tons (96.1%).

Actual figures of ash content of coal varied from forecast and are 44.3% (43.9% were forecasted).

Dnipropetrovsk region is the leader in coal mining, where PJSC DTEK Pavlogradvuhillya fulfilled its planned target of 97.4% and mined 7.820 thousand tons of coal. 4 193 thousand tons of coal were mined in Donetsk region (implementation of the plan was 101%), 584 thousand tons (111.7%) – in Lviv region. The worst indicators of mining are characterized by Volyn region, where the volume of production amounted to 24 thousand tons (45.4% of the plan).

It should be noted that at the end of May, 2 120 thousand tons of coal were stored in the warehouses of Ukrainian TPPs and CHPPs, which are the largest consumers of the resource.

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