Coal imports in March 2019

In March 2019 Ukrainian enterprises imported 412.6 tons of anthracite coal. Mainly Russian coal was imported but Ilyich Iron and Steel Works received 33 thousand tons of coal from Spain be sea. Total customs value of imported coal is $45.7 million. 

It should be noted that 88% of imported coal was purchased by only 7 companies. 

Among the largest importers are:

  • Luhansk TPP, which received 118 thousand tons of anthracite coal in March 2019 (customs value amounted to $11.9 million);
  • Slovyansk TPP purchased 102 thousand tons of anthracite ($9 million);
  • Ilyich Iron and Steel Works – 82.6 thousand tons ($11.5 million); 
  • Kramatorskteploenergo – 27.6 thousand tons ($2.7 million);
  • Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant – 11 thousand tons ($1.4 million);
  • DTEK Pavlohradvuhillya – 3.3 thousand tons ($0.5 million).

99.9% of coal was imported in Ukraine by train except of 33 thousand tons, which were delivered from Spain by sea and 392 tons, which were imported from Russia by trucks.

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