USA parts with coal generation

Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts record low indicators of electricity production by coal combustion in the US in 2019. According to the data, in the overall structure of electricity production there will be 25% of objects working on coal. Thus, the combustion of 564 million tons of coal is forecasted (-73 million tons compared to 2018). If the forecast comes true, the share of coal generation in the US balance will reach the lowest indicator over the last 70 years.

The key factor, which affected the reduction of coal importance in the generation structure, is introducing of new natural gas production technologies and as the result, gas became cheaper and more accessible. Also important points are the aging of US coal parks, due to which the prime cost of electricity from coal is gradually increasing.

The trend of renewables also negatively affects the weight of coal as a resource for electricity generation. The reputation of coal as a negatively affecting the ecology element reducing the prime cost of "green" electricity, switching of the world's largest corporations to electricity from renewable sources – all these factors pushes coal out of the electricity generation market in the United States.


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