The pace of coal generation capacities shutdown in the US

Before Donald Trump was elected as the President, one of his campaign promises was to make every effort to support industry. However, despite failures to agree on air emissions reduction and climate changes U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) data shows that during 2 years of Trump’s Presidency 23 400 MW of electricity production capacities from coal was closed. 14 500 MW of capacities was closed in 2018, while during Barak Obama’s Presidency (2009-2012) 14 900 MW in total left the market.

It should be noted that coal generation capacities peak was in 2011, when the US had 317 400 MW of capacities, but total capacity of this generation type has been falling during the next years. 

Crowding coal out of electricity production market is due to natural gas becomes cheaper and active development of electricity production from renewables. According to EIA, there will be less than 25% of objects, which work with coal in the total structure of electricity production in the US in 2019.

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