The reserves of almost all types of fuel decreased during a year in Ukraine

Coal is the only type of fuel which reserves have grown over the past year in Ukraine. The growth was significant – 78.3% (from 2.4 million tons to 4.3 million tons as of February 1, 2020).

Most of all, to be exact 26%, the reserves of heavy fuel oil decreased from 112.7 thousand tons to 83.4 thousand tons over the year.

Liquefied propane-butane also does not lag behind fuel oil – its reserves decreased by 22.8%: from 30.4 thousand tons to 23.5 thousand tons.

Against this background, stocks of gasoline and diesel fuel remained almost at the level of the previous winter. Diesel fuel decreased by 3.7%: from 357.7 thousand tons to 344.5 thousand tons.

Gasoline reserves decreased by only 2.1%: from 171.6 thousand tons to 168.1 thousand tons.

Data about oil and gas condensate reserves are not made public due to the confidentiality of statistical information.

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