Coal stocks in Ukraine are almost 2 times higher than a year ago

Volumes of thermal coal in warehouses of energy enterprises grew by almost 15% in a month

Stocks of thermal coal in the warehouses of thermal producing enterprises grew from mid-November to mid-December by 14.5%, continuing the upward trend that had begun in September. So, the total reserves of anthracite and gas-coal in the warehouses of Ukrainian TPPs and CHPs as of December 16 increased to 2,761 thousand tons, compared to 2,410 thousand tons on November 18. Compared to January 1, 2019, reserves increased by 91.7% or almost doubled, when 1,440.4 thousand tons of thermal coal were stored in warehouses.

Out of the volume available at the enterprise’s storages on December 16, anthracite (grade A + P) is made up 829.5 thousand tons, the reserves of which increased by 29.3% during the month compared to November 18. At the same time, gas-coal reserves (G + D brand) increased by 9.2% over the month, to 1,932 thousand tons.

It should be reminded that the maximum possible load volumes at TPPs and CHPs warehouses are 5,573 thousand tons. It follows from this that now their occupancy rate is 49.5%.

TPPs and CHPs began to increase their coal reserves of gas grades every day, starting from August 27. Anthracite reserves were minimal this year on September 12 (see infographic), after which a gradual increase in the reserves of this type of coal began.

At the same time, the current level of coal reserves is the highest since the beginning of the year. The previous period, when high coal reserves were recorded in the current year, was at the end of May: on May 27, the total volumes of all types of this fuel in storage were 2,169 thousand tons (38.9% of the maximum storage capacity). From that moment, coal volumes rapidly decreased and began to increase only with the approach of the heating season.

Consequently, in the context of the generating capacity of thermal power plants from November 18 to December 16, the volume of coal accumulation changed as follows:

  • Slovyanska TPP (Donbasenergo) - +46.7 (thousand tons);
  • Trypilska TPP (Centrenergo) - +122.3 (thousand tons);
  • Zmiivska TPP (Centrenergo) - +102.6 (thousand tons);
  • Vuhlehirska TPP (Centrenergo) - -133.7 (thousand tons);
  • Luhanska TPP (DTEK) - 0 (thousand tons);
  • Prydniprovska TPP (DTEK) - +4.7 (thousand tons);
  • Zaporizka TES (DTEK) - +30.4 (thousand tons);
  • Burshtynska TPP (DTEK) - -9.6 (thousand tons);
  • Dobrotvіrska TPP (DTEK) - +1.5 (thousand tons);
  • Ladyzhynska TPP (DTEK) - +17.9 (thousand tons);
  • Kryvorizka TPP (DTEK) - -11.1 (thousand tons);
  • Kurakhivska TPP (DTEK) - +102.7 (thousand tons).

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