Coal industry News

Portugal goes 52 days without coal – new record

Portugal has joined the UK in smashing records for days without coal power this year.

The Cabinet of Ministers has created a center for the transformation of coal regions

It will be led by the Prime Minister.

The World Bank and Germany will help in the transformation of Ukrainian coal industry

Ukraine will receive expert and financial assistance.

DTEK Energy is ready to resume the work of mines subject to market stabilization

Miners will be able to return to work in May-June.

The price of Russian coal in Europe is going down

At the end of April the price of Russian thermal coal decreased by 17.7%.

Sweden has closed the last CHP ahead of schedule

It has been closed two years earlier.

The date of the introduction of special duties on coal imports from Russia was postponed

Special duty on coal imports from the Russian Federation will be in force from May 1.

DTEK will put Pavlohradvuhillya into an idle mode from April 20

The company employs about 30 thousand people.

DTEK is considering suspending DTEK Pavlohradvuhillya

The company speaks of a crisis in the industry.

Special duty on coal imports from Russia will be launched from April 15

The Cabinet of Ministers has introduced a duty on the import of coal from the Russian Federation of almost all grades, except for anthracite, bituminous and coking coal.

The way out for the Ukrainian energy sector is to ban the market and import, otherwise there will be blackout – expert

Electricity imports have damaged the energy industry.

There is a risk that the money will be used fot old companies, and not for new energy sector – expert

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