Coal industry News

The Ministry of Energy completes preparation of measures to reform coal state-owned enterprises

Ukraine, together with international partners, will reform the coal industry.

DTEK reacted to the statement of Centrenergo: it does not reflect the real situation regarding the fulfillment of the terms of the contract

The company said that Centrenergo received 35 thousand tons of coal.

Centerenergo accuses DTEK of blackmail

DTEK threatens to restore the idleness of Dobropillyavuhillya mines again.

Centrenergo settled with miners for July

Now the company is analyzing its financial balance to form a settlement plan for August.

Centrenergo fulfills the schedule of preparations for the heating season

The warehouses of thermal power plants store 478 thousand tons of coal.

The Ministry of Energy is studying the prospects of the work of state coal mines

Ministry representatives are holding field meetings to study the current state of state-owned coal mines.

«Центрэнерго» перечислило шахтерам в июле 143 млн грн

Предварительно на июль было заявлено погашения шахтерам 120 млн гривен.

Ukraine and Germany are negotiating on the implementation of a pilot project to transform coal regions

The minister hopes that two mines will be selected for the pilot project.

DTEK Energy dispatched the first batch of coal from Dobropillyavuhillya mines

The first train of 50 wagons was shipped for Centrenergo TPP.

Nadiya mine will supply coal for Centrenergo

Coal shipment will begin on July 15.

Dobropilvuhillya begins working after signing a contract with Centrenergo

The company was idle for 5 months.

Centrenergo does not like the option of prepayment for coal in the case of an agreement with DTEK

DTEK and Centrenergo continue to discuss terms for the purchase of coal.