Coal industry News

UK stops investing in coal abroad

However, coal still provides 40% of the country's energy needs.

Chernihiv CHP could buy coal from occupied Donbass - SSU

SSU launched a pre-trial investigation.

Orzhel: Children of miners should choose another job

Until 2050, the coal industry will become a thing of the past.

The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection creates a new company Ukrvuhillya

This is stated in the order of Oleksiy Orzhel.

6 thousand employees of coal-fired power plants will be fired in Germany

Non-environmental coal stations will be closed in the next 10 years.

Germany agreed on a schedule for shutting down brown coal power plants

Previously, the shutdown of power plants was planned until 2038.

The Netherlands closed one of the last coal-fired power plants

The station emitted 3.6 megatons of CO2 per year.

Lvivvuhillya mines temporarily lost power

Electricity supply has now been restored.

IEA: Global coal demand to remain stable up to 2024

A fall in coal consumption in Europe and the US is forecast to be offset by growth in a number of key economies in Asia

Losses of SE Lvivvuhillya for 2019 amounted to 270 million UAH

Salary arrears are 128 million.

Canada set to phase out coal-fired power by 2030

Closure of power stations will remove emissions equivalent to 1.3 million cars.

There will be fewer coal-fired power plants in the world in 2019

Over the past ten years, coal electricity production has only increased.