8-9 GW of old coal generation can be closed today – expert

Ukraine will implement a green energy transition longer and harder than European countries. To achieve the goals – it is worth getting rid of the old coal generation, and building a new one. Atomic generation should be significantly reduced.

Vasyl Kotko, President of the First Energy Association of Ukraine said this during Ukrainian Energy Forum.

He assured: “We have a tremendous excess power of thermal, in particular, coal generation.

“8-9 GW of coal generation can be closed today, this year. Without any harm to the system. In the last 3 years, as a rule, about 6 GW was involved in our coal generation. In total, we have 21.8 GW. This is superfluous, unnecessary, and also old power, which must be taken out of service in order not to burden the consumer with expenses”, the expert said.

At the same time, Kotko is convinced, it is necessary to start building 6-8 GW of new coal generation. These new projects, according to expert estimates, reduce coal costs by about a quarter. And that means – carbon emissions will be reduced by a quarter. New plants will also better comply with sulfur and nitrogen emission standards.

“If we go this way, we will preserve thermal generation, the coal industry.

Because, having closed thermal generation, it is necessary to close the coal industry and to do this very quickly. And for such a poor country as ours, it is better to stretch this process in time, because it will require enormous funds. In addition, what can be calculated on the wholesale market, the closure of entire industries is enormous money”, Kotko explained.

According to the concept of the energy transition, in our country, atomic energy should also greatly “dry out”. And nuclear energy is clean, both regarding carbon and about sulfur and nitrogen, he recalled.

Therefore, it would be more pragmatic to reconsider our goals, the expert believes. Set aside 80% of the closure of coal-fired power plants from 2050 to 2070. This would allow the construction of new ones that will pay off before 2070. An investor will invest money if he knows that he will work for 40 years. If you give him 30 years – such power plants, coal, it is impossible to recoup, says Kotko.

“For close-ups, you need to pragmatically evaluate your capabilities. Then they will be implemented. And to build pink palaces unattainable – we have already gone through this many times”, the expert concluded.


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