AMCU is investigating the situation with a decrease in guaranteed coal reserves at TPPs

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) is investigating the situation related to the decrease in guaranteed coal reserves in the warehouses of thermal power plants (TPPs) during the current heating season, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“The Committee, on its own initiative, investigates the totality of facts stated in the statements/appeals received by the Committee on similar issues. In case of revealing signs of violations of the legislation on the protection of economic competition, the committee will take appropriate measures,” the AMCU said in a statement.

As follows from the statement, the committee in the course of the investigation finds out, "whether this affected the competition, satisfaction of demand, pricing, etc."

At the same time, the AMCU notes that it has received applications from household consumers and public organizations “regarding the actions of the DTEK group of companies, which consist in limiting the supply of coal to counterparty companies, incomplete coal reserves in its own warehouses, and creating a deficit in the electricity market.”

The AMCU warns that the department will accept for consideration only those applications that meet the established criteria. “The applications already received by the AMCU do not contain information and explanations about the possibility of a negative impact on the rights and interests of the applicants caused by a decrease in guaranteed coal reserves in TPP warehouses and the release of power generating equipment for emergency repairs. Consequently, such statements by the bodies of the Committee cannot be considered, ”the department explained.

Earlier it was reported that NEURC had fined DTEK for not providing guaranteed coal reserves at thermal power plants in winter.

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