Austria is to reopen coal-fired power plant

Austria has decided to reopen a coal-fired power plant in the commune of Mellah, south of Graz. Authorities are working with the country's largest electricity company, Verbund, to convert the power plant to resume coal-fired operation in the event of a gas shortage, DW reports. 

“First, our goal is to ensure the supply of the country,” said Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, mentioning that 80% of the country's gas comes from Russia. “We are talking about replacing the missing Russian gas with other sources or suppliers in order to be able to continue to build up reserves,” he added. 

The Mellah power plant, which was the last operating coal-fired power plant in the country, closed in the spring of 2020 amid the government's phasing out of polluting energy sources in order to switch entirely to renewable energy sources. 

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If necessary, resumption of its work will return coal generation to Austria. However, according to the Austrian government, refurbishing the power plant will take several months.

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