The SSU admits an emergency due to coal shortage

The Security Service of Ukraine have concerns that a shortage of coal may complicate the situation across the country, according to a letter from the SSU to the Cabinet of Ministers dated December 8, which is at the disposal of Ekonomichna Pravda.

According to the SSU, the lack of coal may lead to "a possible uncontrolled increase in tariffs for the production of electricity and heat for end consumers."

“Problems with heat supply can lead to emergencies, an increase in social tension among the population and discredit of the authorities,” the letter says.

The SSU considers the critical situation at several TPPs and CHPs, which are monopolies:

Slavyanska TPP (Donbasoblenergo), provides the city of Mukolaivka, Donetsk region, the TPP shutdown threatens 14 thousand consumers to experience blackouts;

Luhansk TPP (DTEK) is one of the main sources of heat energy in Luhansk region;

Chernihiv CHP provides 40% of the residents of Chernihiv;

Darnytska CHP (Euro-Reconstruction) provides heat to the Dniprovskyi and Darnitskyi districts of Kyiv; runs on gas since there are no coal stocks.

On December 15, the Ministry of Energy submitted to the government an order on the purchase of gas for thermal power plants due to a lack of coal.

As reported, the PM instructed the minister to personally control payments to miners.

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