Centrenergo assures that there will be no problems with coal in the heating season

During August-September, PJSC Centrenergo carried out calculations of the forecast fuel balance and entered into relevant contracts for the supply of coal products for the stable passage of the heating season 2021-2022, the press service reports.

In the structure of coal purchases, the main specific weight is the resource of state-owned coal mining enterprises of Ukraine, which have assumed obligations to supply 200-220 thousand tons of domestic coal per month. Contracts with a total volume of 1.5 million tons have been signed with private Ukrainian producers.

 Besides, to balance the peak loads in the autumn-winter period, foreign economic contracts were concluded for the supply of coal from Poland, the USA and Kazakhstan. In particular, during the heating season, more than 350 thousand tons of Polish-mined coal, 100 thousand tons of Kazakh coal, as well as 37.5 thousand tons of American coal, which should be delivered in November-December, should be delivered.

Currently, negotiations are underway to increase and ensure the supply of coal products with several large producers and traders of these countries.

“Stable passage of the heating season is the priority for state thermal generation. Last winter, it was the Centrenergo units that ensured the balance of the power system during the period of a sharp drop in temperatures and peak consumption, while the power units of nuclear and private thermal generation remained in emergency repairs. Now the volume of contracted coal is quite sufficient for the company to operate in the next months,” the directorate of PJSC Centrenergo noted.

To recap, the Ministry of Energy sees no problems with coal stocks.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the concept of coal regions transformation.

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