Centrenergo fulfills the schedule of preparations for the heating season

Centerenergo announced that it was fulfilling the schedule of preparations for the heating season. The warehouses of Centerenergo thermal power plants now store 478 thousand tons of coal (excluding the one on the way) and more than 6 thousand tons of fuel oil. It is noted that the schedule for equipment preparation and repairs is 100% fulfilled.

“In pursuance of the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the preparation of the objects of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine for the autumn-winter period of 2020-21, Centrenergo continues to accumulate coal, fuel oil and gas and implement the planned repair program,” the statement says.

Acting Minister of Energy Olha Buslavets said during a briefing on July 27 that Ukraine was fully provided with a fuel resource before the start of the 2020/2021 heating season.

As a reminder, in July Centrenergo transferred UAH 143 million to miners.

Earlier it was reported that on July 14, DTEK Energy shipped the first batch of coal for Centrenergo.

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