Chernihiv CHP could buy coal from occupied Donbass - SSU

The Security Service of Ukraine suspects that the Chernihiv CHP could buy coal from the occupied territories. This is reported by BusinessCensor.

According to court materials, the SSU launched a pre-trial investigation against Firma Tekhnova LLC on October 9, 2019.

The investigation suggests that the company from January to October 2019 purchased coal from Belarusian companies in the temporarily occupied territory through Belarusian companies, although Russia was indicated in the customs declarations as the country of origin of the coal.

“Imported coal is mined in the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine and in transit through the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus is imported into Ukraine. Funds from the specified illegal activities are used to support illegal armed groups operating in the east of Ukraine”, the court said.

According to the SSU, Firma Tekhnova has drawn up 269 customs declarations for coal import from Belarus over 10 months.

The Security Service sent a request to obtain certified copies of documents on the basis of which coal was delivered and customs cleared from Belarus, but investigators did not receive a response from the company.

To recap, the Belarusian media of Radio Liberty published an article stating that in 2018 Ukraine almost a thousand times increased imports of anthracite coal from Belarus, which is not mined in this country.The media suggested that the coal that Ukraine imported from Belarus was mined in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Former Energy Minister Ihor Nasalik said it could be re-export from Russia.

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