Greece will completely abandon the use of coal until 2023

Greek authorities decided to stop using coal until 2023, Ecotown reports.

If financial support is needed for the West Macedonia region, the government will turn to the EU. Coal has been mined in this region for 60 years.

“The master layout for coal spending provides for the development of the electric power industry, as well as organic farming, agritourism and, why not, industrial production”, said Greek Minister of Energy Kostis Hatzidakis. “We want to ensure a fair transition for residents of Western Macedonia who were born and raised with coal”.

Governor of the Western Macedonia region, Georgios Casapidis, is confident that three years is not enough to switch to renewable energy sources.

“We want the local power generation industry to survive”, he explained. “Coal can be replaced with solar panels, hydrogen, geothermal energy sources”.

“In this region there are no fields where you can engage in agriculture or cattle breeding, a railway, a port, but only coal and nothing else”, says a resident of the region. “Will large companies invest in business development if there is not even a basic infrastructure?”.

To recap, Spain will close the last coal station in 2027.

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