Dobropilvuhillya begins working after signing a contract with Centrenergo

DTEK relaunches Dobropilvuhillya coal mines after signing a contract with Centrenergo for the supply of coal from these mines, Energoreforma reports.

“As a result of long, complicated negotiations with the mediation of the Office of the President and the Ministry of Energy, an agreement was signed on the supply of Ukrainian coal to the Ukrainian Centrenergo thermal power plants. Dobropilvuhillya miners will begin work on Monday, by the end of the week we will begin the first shipment of coal to TPPs,”said Dmytro Sakharuk, CEO of DTEK Energo.

According to the DTEK press service, coal will be sold at the price of import parity, which corresponds to the European price and is much lower than gas or coal from state mines.

“The price at which coal will be supplied will be tied to import parity (Rotterdam+). It is 20% cheaper than coal from state mines, 10% cheaper than gas, and most importantly, there is no corruption. Because it is impossible to add any margin to any intermediary – this is coal from the Ukrainian mine to the Ukrainian thermal power plant,” Sakharuk said.

The Ministry of Energy, on behalf of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, completed mediation between representatives of coal mining enterprises and PJSC Centrenergo on July 10, as a result of which a contract was concluded to restore supplies of Ukrainian coal to Centrenergo.

Earlier it was reported that Centrenergo planned to take a loan of $1.3 billion for the purchase of coal.

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