DTEK transferred management of Dobropilyavuhillya mines to the state

DTEK announced that the process of returning Dobropilyavuhillya mines from DTEK's lease to state management had been completed.

“The relevant acts were signed by the newly created state enterprise Dobropilyavuhillya-Dobycha, the State Property Fund of Ukraine and DTEK Dobropilyavuhillya. The process of returning from the lease of the Dobropilyavuhillya mines took place transparently and in compliance with all regulatory and legislative procedures,” the statement says.

DTEK also announced that it had closed all its obligations to the state, including repaid lease arrears formed in 2020.

The company paid off the debts for the Dobropilyavuhillya mines' lease in full (UAH 230.7 million, including interest), which were formed in the spring of 2020 when DTEK was forced to stop the enterprise for 3.5 months.

The agreement to terminate the lease agreement for Dobropilyavuhillya mines was reached due to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine's decision to create a vertically integrated company with the participation of PJSC Centrenergo and state coal mining enterprises.

It is also said that the personnel of DTEK Dobropilyavuhillya are fully employed at the State Enterprise Dobropilyavuhillya-Dobycha, which allowed the state-owned enterprise to start coal mining from January 26, 2021.

To recap, in October last year, the Ministry of Energy presented a project to reform the coal industry.

As reported, the Ministry of Energy announced the criteria for selecting mines for the transformation project.

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