DTEK laid Wi-Fi connection in the mine at a depth of half a kilometer

For the first time in the history of Ukraine, DTEK laid Wi-Fi connection at a depth of 500 meters in the Yubileina mine (Dnipropetrovsk region). This was reported by the press service.

Almost 130 kilometers of cable were used to establish communications and 400 access points were installed. Based on this wireless communications infrastructure, it is planned to deploy a multifunctional system to ensure the maximum safety of miners.

“The communication system will allow us to receive real-time data from various safety sensors and inform the miners about changes in air and gas indicators, monitor the work process with video cameras, if necessary, announce and carry out evacuation, and the mountain dispatcher will be able to remotely help the employee in case of an accident by sending messages to a reasonable pager lamp, which is also an individual security system of a miner”, said Vadim Myroshnychenko, head of the Communication Infrastructure project.

The presence of connection will solve another issue – communications. Now coal mines in Ukraine traditionally use stationary underground telephones for communication. To get to them, it is often required to overcome a certain distance or even return to the surface, and therefore, lose time, which is especially valuable when you need to report a problem or gain access to important information.

Due to Wi-Fi and special smartphones, miners will be able to instantly communicate via voice calls or text messages with the surface and the control room, as well as quickly exchange information between underground sections. From a depth of up to 500 meters, miners will be able to send photos and videos to the dispatcher, conduct live broadcasts, live consultations, identify equipment technical failures and obtain work permits.

To recap, in November DTEK had tested exoskeletons for work in mines and thermal power plants.

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