DTEK contracts gas-coal and anthracite supplies

As part of preparations for the start of the heating season, DTEK Energy Holding contracted the import of 300 thousand tons of “G” grade coal and 100 thousand tons of anthracite, said Group General Director Maxym Timchenko.

“To date, we have contracted the supply of more than 300 thousand tons of “G” grade coal, as well as 100 thousand tons of anthracite... We do not stop there, we will continue to contract based on the situation that is now”, he said .

According to him, on August 13, a delivery to the Pivdenny port was made, and on August 14, the first batch of contracted gas-coal was unloaded from Colombia. The next batch is expected on September 3.

Timchenko said that by the end of the year, the holding's demand for imported coal is about 1 million tons (taking into account the indicated contracted volumes).

Source: reform.energy

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