EU will help Ukraine reform coal industry

Acting Energy Minister Olha Buslavets and Chairman of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Matti Maasikas held a meeting to discuss reform of the country's coal industry.

The Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine expressed their readiness to support the state for reforming the coal industry. Matti Maasikas assured representatives of the ministry that they are ready to meet, discuss problematic issues and provide Ukraine with support for the successful implementation of the reform.

Olha Buslavets said that, in addition to solving the current problems of the coal industry, the ministry was beginning to develop a concept for its reform.

“We still have a strategic global task – to transform and reform the coal industry, to determine the future fate of state-owned coal mining enterprises. The most painful issue is the reform of mines in "single-industry towns", whose population is completely dependent on their work. We must put people's interests first and ensure the country's energy security. We want to use the experience of European and other countries that have managed to successfully solve similar problems,” she said, adding that negotiations on support from Germany, the World Bank and other international partners are currently ongoing.

Recall, earlier in the Ministry of Energy said that they would engage in the professional reorientation of the miners.

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