There is a risk that the money will be used fot old companies, and not for new energy sector – expert

The government runs the risk of investing in old mining instead of implementing the Green Deal.

Expert of the Ukrainian Climatic Network Oleh Savitsky shared his opinion in the comment for Kosatka.Media regarding the statement of DTEK Energo on the closure of a number of mines in connection with the “industry crisis”.

“There is a high risk that the new government, taking advantage of the crisis, will spend state money on DTEK and other companies that were engaged in the production of fossil fuels, instead of introducing the Green New Deal, switching to renewable energy sources together with Europe and stimulating the formation of a new economy after a pandemic”, says Savitsky.

In his opinion, the mines will be closed in any case, coal consumption becomes fewer, coal generation will “fly out” of the energy balance due to the growth of renewable energy sources. And for DTEK, such statements about the closure of mines are an attempt to get money from the budget – a “classic bail-out”.

To recap, according to the press service of DTEK Energo, DTEK Dobropolvuhillya mine, Belozirska mine and Oktyabrska processing plant are halting mining, coal upgrading and mining operations from April 1.

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