Germany plans to back out of coal power

Germany will join an alliance of countries that advocate the abandonment of coal energy.  It is one of the largest consumers of coal power.  This was announced by Minister of Environment and Nuclear Safety Svenja Schulze, reports Hromadske with reference to DW.

Germany plans to formally announce this at the Climate Protection Summit in New York.

“Rejection of the use of coal is one of the key components for global climate protection”, the minister said.

In her opinion, the example of Germany will be a “powerful signal” for other regions of the world.  She also added that energy production is thus obsolete.

At the beginning of 2019, the country's authorities, representatives of business, trade unions, scientific, environmental organizations and the authorities of the country's coal regions agreed on a document providing for the complete rejection of coal in the energy sector.

The publication notes that in 2018 in Ruhr region, the last mine on which coal was mined stopped working.

In 2017, at the UN conference, several dozen states of the world, including Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, agreed to create an alliance of countries that refuse coal energy.

The largest coal energy consumers in the world, the USA, China, Germany, Russia and India, did not join the alliance.

Earlier it was reported that India planned to increase its own coal production by 2024.

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