The UN Head calls not to subsidize coal-fired power plants

Secretary General Antonio Guterres recalled that climate change remains the biggest threat to the planet, and one of its main reasons is the pathological dependence of mankind on coal. He noted this, at the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, reports.

Guterres noted that South Asian countries are more likely than others to suffer from the effects of climate change.

He called for what scientists say: to keep the temperature increase at 1.5 degrees by the end of the century, requiring a 45% reduction in carbon emissions in the next decade, and achieve “carbon neutrality” by 2050, that is, the volumes produced greenhouse gases should not exceed the level that can be absorbed by forests.

According to him, the inability of mankind to get rid of dependence on coal is the main obstacle to achieving goals.

“We have to set the price of carbon emissions”, he continued. “We need to stop subsidizing fossil fuels and no longer create new coal-fired power plants”.

Recall that a coal thermal power plant with a capacity of 2 GW was closed in Britain.

Earlier it was reported that Germany planned to abandon coal power. In 2017, at the UN conference, several dozen states of the world, including Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, agreed to create an alliance of countries that refuse coal energy.

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