State mines have been disconnected from electricity supply due to the lack of contracts with suppliers

Since April 1, some state coal mining enterprises have been disconnected from electricity supply. This was announced by the Chairman of the National Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine, Mykhaylo Volynets.

According to him, the mines of the state-owned enterprises Volynvuhillya in the Volyn region, Lysychanskvuhillya, Pervomaiskvuhillya and Mirnohradvuhillya in the Luhansk region, as well as the mines Kapitalna and Tsentralna are turned off.

Electricity in the mines is supplied for systems for pumping out water and ventilation systems, Volynets reported. Enterprises operate in a limited mode.

Since January 1, 2019, new rules have been introduced for the retail electricity market, in accordance with the Law on the Electricity Market. All non-household consumers had to conclude new contracts for the distribution and supply of electricity. Enterprises that were unable to conclude new agreements have switched to the purchase of electricity from the supplier of the “last hope”. The supplier of the “last hope” services are 25-30% more expensive compared to other suppliers. The maximum period during which you can use the services of the “last hope” supplier is 90 days. In December 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed SOE Ukrinterenergo as the supplier of the “last hope” throughout Ukraine.

Upon the expiration of this period, the supplier of the “last hope” is obliged to disconnect customers from the electricity supply, which do not have a supplier and have lost the right to be supplied by the supplier of the “last hope”.

It was reported earlier that from April 1, the supply of electricity for industrial consumers without an agreement with the supplier would stop.


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