Import did not help: coal stocks are not increasing

NPC Ukrenergo reports that the situation with coal stocks in warehouses on the eve of the heating season is only getting worse.

Thus, the share of TPPs in covering the load last week increased to 28%.

Starting from September 21, the growth of coal stocks in the TPP warehouses has stopped. Average daily volumes of coal supplies remained the same as in the previous week (from September 17 to 26 - 54.2 thousand tons, and from September 10 to 19 - 54.4 thousand tons), while the consumption (combustion) of coal is significantly increased from 49.4 thousand tons (September 10-19) to 61.1 thousand tons (September 17-26). As a result, coal stocks in TPP warehouses remain critical.

As of the morning of September 27, there are 776.9 thousand tons of coal in the TPP's warehouses, which is 8.9% less than on the morning of October 20 (852.6 thousand tons). In particular, the reserves of gas coal decreased by 7.8% to 589.5 thousand tons and the volume of anthracite coal – by 12.2% to 187.4 thousand tons.

Besides, in accordance with the fuel accumulation schedule approved by the Ministry of Energy, there is 3.1 times less coal in the TPP warehouses than it should be on September 27.

To recap, the Ministry of Energy reported that Ukrzaliznytsia does not fulfil its obligations to transport coal.

As reported, DTEK had agreed on an additional supply of coal from the United States.

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