Imports of Russian coal to Ukraine decreased by 85%

Russia reduced the supply of coal to Ukraine by 85.3% after the introduction by the government of the Russian Federation of a permissive export procedure. BusinessCensor reports this information with reference to Kommersant.

According to the media, most of the traditional Russian exporters in this direction stopped shipments, but it seems that they were at least partially redirected bypass through Belarus.

Experts believe that Russian companies in the current low coal prices will continue to look for indirect export opportunities to Ukraine.

In June, the export of Russian coal to Ukraine decreased by 85.3%, or 750 thousand tons, compared to the same month of 2018, to 129.3 thousand tons, follows from the data of the Central Dispatch Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex.

In general, over half a year, supplies decreased by 11.1%, or 556 thousand tons, to 4.9 million tons. Thus, in January-May, coal supplies to Ukraine grew, and only the dynamics of June crossed out this trend.

Starting from June 1, Russian companies are required to monthly receive permits from the Russian government for the export of coal. The Ministry of Economy, which is responsible for issuing permits, said that the list of companies and supply volumes are reviewed monthly.

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