Kazakhstan loses $11 million per month due to Russian restrictions on coal transit to Ukraine

The ban on coal supplies to Ukraine through the territory of Russia cost Kazakhstan more than $11 million a month. Representatives of the coal industry of Kazakhstan appealed to the Eurasian Economic Commission. This was reported in the Ministry of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan, reports BusinessCensor.

“The current ban on the transit of a number of Kazakhstani goods through the territory of the Russian Federation has an extremely negative impact on the economic situation, primarily, in the coal industry of Kazakhstan. Monthly losses from the reduction of coal supplies to the Ukrainian market amount to more than $11 million”, the Ministry said.

Russia explains the situation by expanding the list of goods that are banned for import into Ukraine.

The Ministry reports that the Russian Federation does not provide information on agreed volumes of supplies by the approved deadline – by the 20th day of each month.

“The volumes of coal supplies for October this year, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation agreed only on September 28”, the Ministry said.

The Russian Railways also provides wagons for shipment with a delay of up to five to seven days, which leads to “incomplete development of the agreed volumes”.

“The monthly delay in the approval deadlines and unreasonable reduction in export volumes look more like uncompetitive actions of the Russian side aimed at ousting Kazakh coal from the Russian and Ukrainian markets than solving foreign policy issues of the two states”, the Ministry of Trade emphasized.

In this regard, there was an appeal to the Eurasian Economic Commission, the issue is still under consideration.

In September, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan accused Russia of quoting their coal exports to Ukraine.

Recall that from June 1, Russia’s ban on the supply of coal and oil products to Ukraine became efffective, a number of goods can now be imported on the basis of separate permits.

At the end of May, the Kazakh state railway company suspended the shipment and export of LPG and coal to Ukraine by rail due to the ban.

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