Kazakhstan complains that the Russian Federation does not allow it to supply coal to Ukraine

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have accused Russia of actually quoting their coal exports to Ukraine. Countries supply their coal in transit through Russia, which since June has been supplying coal to the country only with special permits.

The representative of the Atameken Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, during consultations with members of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), said that the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation does not agree on the volumes of supplies of Kazakh coal, transit through Russia to Ukraine:

“Atameken sees in the actions of Russia a violation of the agreement and the Customs Code on the Eurasian Economic Union”.

The Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation considers the problem far-fetched. The representative of the department replied that on June 3, Russia and Kazakhstan agreed on a procedure for cooperation in coordinating the supply of transit goods through Russia to Ukraine.

The Ministry of Economy draws attention to the fact that Kazakhstan companies still do not export even approved volumes: 32 thousand tons were exported in July, and 80 thousand tons were planned for export in August.

“Kazakhstan companies have plans to increase exports of coal and coal concentrate, but the current mechanism for coordinating transit through the territory of the Russian Federation does not allow these plans to be implemented. The fact is that there is a tacit intention to prevent an increase in volumes, therefore, in fact, the Russian ministry “recorded” August volumes, about 86 thousand tons, and Kazakhstan coal miners planned to increase them significantly”, the media reports citing a source in the Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises of Kazakhstan.

The Eurasian Economic Commission declined to comment.

According to a Kommersant’s source familiar with the situation, such a discussion is preliminary. Now Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan should provide data on losses due to the actions of the Russian Federation, after which it will be decided whether an official investigation will begin against Russia.

Since June 1, the export of coal and certain types of petroleum products to Ukraine from Russia has been carried out only under permits issued by the Ministry of Economy. Moreover, such restrictions formally do not apply to transit cargo.

It was previously reported that Russia had increased its coal supply by 3 times.


Source: kommersant.ru

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