China invested $36 billion in coal TPPs in 23 countries

The Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) has published data on China's investments in coal TPPs in the amount of $36 billion. These power plants are being built in 23 countries in the world (excluding China). According to IEEFA, Chinese banks have financed 102 GW of the 399 GW of coal TPPs that are currently being built in the world.

A large number of development financing banks are reducing, or completely rejecting such investments, while China has become the world leader in investing in this energy sector. This is contrary to the commitment of countries to reduce emissions and increase the use of renewable energy sources.

In South and Southeast Asia, most major coal-related projects are carried out. This is done with the support of Chinese investments. Bangladesh tops the ranking in terms of investment, followed by Vietnam, South Africa, Pakistan and Indonesia.

China also invests in the coal industry of Ukraine. Earlier it was reported that PJSC "Donbasenergo" signed an agreement with the Chinese company DEIC on the reconstruction of a power unit worth $684.3 million. Reconstruction is required for power unit No. 6 of the Slavyanska TPP. The project stipulates that power unit No. 6 will be divided into two power units No. 6a and No. 6B with a capacity of 330 MW each. They will work using circulating fluidized bed technology, which will increase efficiency by up to 42%, “which is much higher than the usual figure for Ukraine’s power plants” the All-Ukrainian Energy Assembly said in a statement regarding the signed contract.



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