The Ministry of Energy: The accumulation of coal in the warehouses of thermal power plants lags behind the approved schedule

First Deputy Energy Minister Yurii Vlasenko said that over the past 10 days, the accumulation of coal in the warehouses of thermal power plants has lagged behind the approved schedule, the press service reports.

Thus, the total actual stock of coal in the warehouses of thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants is 1.117 million tons, with the planned 1.326 million tons. The backlog from the schedule is 209.7 thousand tons.

Actual stock at TPP warehouses is 937.6 thousand tons, with the planned 1.203 million tons. The deficit is 265.2 thousand tons. The lag is observed at almost all thermal power plants.

"At the same time, the obligation to fulfil the coal accumulation schedule approved by the Ministry of Energy is determined by the NEURC’s resolution, and all generating companies, regardless of their form of ownership, must fulfil it in accordance with licensing conditions," Vlasenko said.

The Ministry of Energy urged the management of generating companies to take immediate measures in the short and medium-term to ensure the preparation and sustainable passage of the autumn-winter period.

To recap, mines, which have wage arrears will have to transfer 80% of the funds from product sales to pay wages.

As reported, an irreducible coal stock and schedules for its accumulation will be determined for all fuel and energy companies.

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