The Ministry of Energy sees no problems with coal stocks

The Ministry of Energy held a meeting of the anti-crisis energy headquarters on the preparation plan for the 2021/22autumn-winter period, the press service reports.

Deputy Energy Minister Oleksii Kurakov, representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, NPC Ukrenergo, NEURC, the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision, JSC Ukrzaliznytsia, and generating companies took part in the meeting.

Thus, according to First Deputy Energy Minister Yurii Vlasenko, there is still a lag from the planned indicators of coal accumulation; however, generating companies are determined to increase the supply of coal products.

“Representatives of Ukrzaliznytsia assured that they are making every effort to ensure timely transportation of coal products to the warehouses of thermal power plants and thermal power plants. Today the situation with the fulfilment of applications for gondola cars is stabilizing,” the message says.

Representatives of Ukrenergo noted that, in general, the situation with the preparation for passing the AWP is controlled; the energy system of Ukraine is quite balanced.

The ministry also updated the forecast electricity balance of the UES of Ukraine for the current year: the structure and volumes of electricity production have been additionally calculated for the first quarter of 2022.

Thus, the updated forecast balance provides for an increase in the share of nuclear energy by 4% in 2021 (compared to the previous forecast balance).

To recap, Ukrenergo reported that starting from September 21, the growth of coal stocks in TPP warehouses has stopped.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy said that Ukrzaliznytsia was not fulfilling its obligations to transport coal.

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