The Ministry of Energy announced the selection requirement of mines for the transformation project

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, the Government of Germany, and international partners will implement pilot projects for the transformation of coal mono-cities. The projects will be carried out jointly with the international agency GiZ.

The first two pilot projects will include the transformation of two coal mono-cities – in the west and the east of Ukraine.

A profound analysis of economic, environmental, and socio-political factors will be carried out to choose the mines.

The selection will take place according to the following criteria:

  • economic consequences;
  • social consequences;
  • environmental consequences;
  • local political situation;
  • opportunities for the formation of clusters (technological, tourist)
  • condition of the mine.

The assessment will allow foreseeing potential problems and measures to minimize them when preparing pilot projects. Considerable attention will be paid to the socio-economic realities of the region where the mine is located.

The ministry has offered the German side six mines for pilot projects – three mines in the east and three in the west; these are state-owned mines prepared for liquidation.

Each of the proposed mines is unique; the process of their transformation will require significant efforts. The goal of all pilot projects will be not only to solve the problems of a specific area but also to create experiences that are easily shared.

All pilot projects will be implemented according to the principle of cluster formation: technological, tourism, innovative, and others.

Currently, among the potential first pilot projects, two mines from the proposed list are being considered, namely:

Velykomostovska, which is located in the west of the country, in the city of Chervonohrad and has the potential to become a powerful tourist cluster;

5/6, which is located in the east, in Myrnohrad and has the potential of a technological cluster.

Recall that the World Bank, together with the European Commission, will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between the coal regions of Ukraine and Poland.

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