The Ministry of Energy will appeal to law enforcement agencies due to a debt of Nadiya mine

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine reported that representatives of the relevant department conducted a detailed financial audit of CJSC Mine Nadiya. The audit revealed numerous irregularities in the work of the former management of the enterprise, in particular, the sale of coal at low prices.

Based on the results of the audit, an appeal will be prepared to law enforcement agencies to bring to justice those involved in the situation, which led to the accumulation of wage arrears to the employees of the enterprise.

The Energy Ministry noted that the state has no debt to the miners of Nadiya mine.

“At the same time, the Ministry of Energy is concerned about the situation, so it turned to SE Kalush CHPP-NOVA with a request to provide a payment to Nadia mine for coal products in the amount of about UAH 3.7 million to pay wages. The funds were transferred on August 31,” the message says.

The Ministry of Energy calls on the miners to unblock the work of the mine, and the leadership to start looking for constructive methods to solve the crisis situation.

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