The Ministry of Energy transferred UAH 300 million to miners, they came out to protest

The Ministry of Energy reports that on December 8, UAH 300 million were transferred to state mines to pay off wage arrears to miners.

The Ministry of Energy also applied to the Ministry of Finance with a proposal to increase the cost of paying salaries to miners this year by UAH 900 million. Another 90 million hryvnias are planned to be redistributed through savings in other budget programs of the ministry.

However, today miners in the Lviv region came out to protest. This was announced by the head of the Independent Trade Union Mykhaylo Volynets. He mentioned that the miners are not satisfied with the slow debt repayment.

“Even though yesterday the miners were charged more than UAH 300 million for the payment of wage arrears, the debt to workers in the public sector mines exceeds UAH 2 billion. And neither the servants of the people nor the state officials have their own and do not accept our plan for getting out of the crisis," he wrote.

To recap, that the miners of state mines were underpaid billions of hryvnia.

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the State Budget in October, which additionally directed UAH 1 billion for payments to employees of state coal mining enterprises.

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