The Ministry of Energy will present the concept for coal industry reforming at the meeting of the Coordination Center

Next week the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine is presenting the concept for coal industry reforming at a meeting of the Coordination Center for the Transformation of Coal Regions of Ukraine, the press service reports.

“Reforming the coal industry is necessary for the most efficient use of state funds allocated from the state budget to support coal mining enterprises, and to attract resources from private investors. The Ministry has prepared a number of reform proposals aimed at improving the current state of the industry and giving an impetus for its further development in accordance with the strategic goals of the state,” the message says.

As noted, the conceptual foundations of the reform of the coal industry, developed by experts from the Ministry of Energy, received approval from the expert environment. Experts and scientists supported the idea of ​​grouping state mines in the following areas:

  • coal mining enterprises that will become a resource base for Centerenergo and will provide the generating company with the required volumes of domestically produced coal. Coal mining enterprises, in turn, will be provided with stable product sales. The issue of creating a vertically integrated company based on the production capacities of mines and Centrenergo is being considered;
  • "dual-use" mines that produce power and coking coal, and will be offered for privatization as coal mining enterprises with prospects for further development;
  •  mines that require additional investment or re-profiling will be offered for privatization as integral property complexes that can be used both for coal mining and for other economic activities.

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