The Ministry of Energy: currently only Luhansk TPP can replace coal with gas

The Ministry of Energy said replacing deficient coal with natural gas was allowed, first of all, for the Luhansk TPP.

Due to the coal supplies blocked by Russia, there is no other way for the TPP to provide a sufficient supply of fuel, other than replacing coal with gas, the press service reports.

The ministry also stated the use of gas instead of coal was not yet planned at other TPPs.

The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission allowed using gas instead of coal at TPPs and CHPs.

"This mechanism will ensure a solvency of activity for the electricity production at the Luhansk TPP using natural gas as a fuel and will be used only for the period of a potential lack of sufficient coal stocks in warehouses due to the actions of the Russian Federation," the message says.

To recap, Cherkasy CHP reported low coal stocks.

As reported, Naftogaz is ready to import coal.

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