Modernization of mines is under threat – Igor Nasalik

The lack of financing of the coal industry over the several years can lead to the flooding of mines, said Igor Nasalik, the Minister of Energy and Coal Mining.

If the industry receives sufficient funding from the state, then, in turn, it will be able to make a profit of about 1.7 billion UAH this year. Igor Nasalik says that a sufficient funding is 2 billion UAH.

 The Ministry has fully developed the entire plan, what needs to be done in the coal industry. There are 10 sectors that need to be financed, which will have not less financial result. The problem is 2 billion UAH, which we cannot attract either from investment or from lending. Therefore we are counting on budget funds. If these funds are invested, Ukraine will not need budget support till the end of the year. And the total income that the industry will receive will be 1.7 billion", said Nasalik.

Without a proper funding, mine upgrades can be flooded.

“However, there was no financing for the modernization of mines in 2016, neither in 2017 nor in 2018, and is not provided for 2019. If you see, the situation is so critical”, the Minister said.

Igor Nasalik urges deputies to pay attention to this issue.

“Adresses to the deputies, I would ask you to support the initiative of putting a question regarding the mines on the agenda. If we do not include it, the process of flooding the mines will be 4-5 per day. The mines can be practically flooded”, warned the Minister.

At the beginning of the last December, Nasalik said that the salary payable to miners was 196 million UAH.


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