Cherkasy TPP reports low coal stocks

The director of the Cherkasy CHP Viktor Oleksenko said that there are 20 thousand tonnes of coal in the warehouses, which, according to calculations, will be enough until January 26, Ukrinform reports.

“We have 20 thousand tons of G grade coal. Currently, two gas boilers and one coal boiler are in operation. We burn 500 tons of coal per day. At this rate, there will be enough coal for 40 days. In the near future, we expect the arrival of additional consignments of coal from DTEK. It is about 5 thousand tonnes. Then we will launch the second coal boiler and burn 1000 tons per day,” Oleksenko said.

According to him, two gas boilers are currently operating in Cherkasy, ​​and there is no threat of an emergency shutdown of the Cherkasskaya CHPP.

To recap, Naftogaz is ready to import coal.

As reported, the SSU admits an emergency due to a shortage of coal.

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