Poland stops importing Russian coal

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin said that state-owned companies were stopping coal imports from abroad. This is reported by Economic Truth.

“I am after negotiations with the heads of state-owned companies. They will no longer import coal from abroad”, he said.

Polish miners have been protesting with a demand to stop importing Russian coal, workers began to block railways since January 31.

According to the Polish energy unions, there are currently sufficient coal reserves in the mine dumps, but it is not known how long they are enough.

Today, coal from abroad among state-owned companies is mainly imported by Uglekoks and the Polish Energy Group. The latter has contracts for several months, so it will take some more time to fulfill the promise of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Every year, Polish companies import about 20 million tons of coal from abroad, mainly from Russia.

Poland refuted the purchase of coal from Donbas.

It was previously reported that Russia supplied coal from occupied Donbas to 19 countries.

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