Polish miners protest against coal imports from Russia

This morning, members of mining unions blocked the railways at the transshipment terminal in Slavkow in the Silesian Voivodeship of Poland, European Truth reports.

“It is this transshipment terminal that connects the East with Western Europe, and it is here where Russian coal arrives by rail, which takes our jobs and takes away our right for promotion. The coal storages at our mines are full, as well as the words of the ruling politicians full of various declarations”, said head of one of the trade unions, Bohuslav Zentek.

According to the Industrial Development Agency, last year Polish mines produced more than 61.6 million tons of coal, which is 1.8 million tons less than in 2018.

To recap, this is not the first protest of the miners. Polish miners have been protesting since January 31, demanding to stop importing Russian coal. Every year, Polish companies import about 20 million tons of coal from abroad, mainly from Russia.

Earlier it was reported that Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Jacek Sasin said that state-owned companies were stopping the import of coal from abroad.

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