The last coal power unit in Stockholm will be closed in the spring of 2020

The last coal-fired power unit of the Värtaverket power station will be closed, after the end of the heating season in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, Ecotown reports.

The power unit will be decommissioned two years earlier due to rising costs amid increased taxes on the use of fossil fuels.

The third phase was launched at the CHP in 2016, which works on biofuels (uses wood waste).

Värtaverket CHP also has several powerful heat pumps that contribute to the heating of water in the district heating grid.

Stockholm Exergi, a joint venture between Fortum Energy and the city government, is exploring the possibility of using a carbon capture and storage system (CCS) that will transform the CHP into carbon-negative, in other words the CO2 balance will be negative.

Captured carbon dioxide can be permanently stored, for example, in rock formations at the bottom, used in industrial processes or even used in greenhouses.

Sweden pledged to become a climate-neutral country until 2045, and Stockholm plans to achieve this goal already in 2040.

To recap, the cargo terminal in Sweden will switch to renewable energy sources in 2020.

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