The last coal station in Chile will be closed by 2022

Enel’s subsidiaries Enel Chile SA (Enel Chile) and Enel Generación Chile SA (Enel Generación Chile) decided to decommission the last Bocamina coal-fired power plant by May 31, 2022, in Chile, Coronel. It is reported by Ecotown.

Block I of the Bocamina production branch is planned to be decommissioned by December 31, 2020, and block II by May 31, 2022.

In particular, Enel Generación Chile will contact the Chile's national energy commission to obtain permission to decommission the units of the station – Bocamina I (128 MW) and Bocamina II (350 MW).

The company has accelerated the process of disconnecting blocks. At first it was planned to turn off Block I Bocamina by the end of 2023, and Bocamina II – no later than 2040.

“We will be the first energy company in Chile to completely quit the coal sector, while continuing to safely build renewable capacities, given certain environmental, economic and social benefits,” said Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Global Generation at Enel.

The net book value of two Bocamina units is approximately €790 million at the Enel group level, including the associated dismantling costs.

The decision to close it corresponds to the goal of the Enel Group to completely decarbonize its generation by 2050. In this regard, the group is working on the completion of a phased full withdrawal of coal capacities by 2030. In addition, by 2022, the Enel Group aims to increase its renewable energy capacities to 60 GW compared to the 46 GW currently commissioned.

Recall that power plants on desert salts are being built in Chile.

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