Protesting miners call for firing Andriy Gerus

An unlimited protest rally involving miners is taking place in the government quarter in Kyiv, Interfax-Ukraine rports.

"An unlimited protest action by the miners of  Myrnohradvuhillya, Dobropillyavuhillya, Selidovuhillya, representatives of the mines of the Lviv-Volyn basin has begun near the President’s Office,” said MP Mykhailo Volynets on Facebook.

The miners put forward a number of claims on the authorities: to resign Andriy Gerus from the post of Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Housing and Communal Services and prosecute him for damage caused to the country's energy sector, as well as oblige the State Property Fund, Centrenergo, Gosvuhillyapostavt, Kalush CHP-Nova to pay mines for coal received in the amount of about UAH 884 million.

The protesters also demand to pay off wage arrears, which as of July 1 will amount to more than UAH 1.2 billion.

Miners demand to ban the import of electricity and coal of gas grades from Russia and Belarus, to restore the operation of blocks of thermal power plants converted from anthracite coal to coal of a gas group, to withdraw mines from downtime and ensure their stable operation.

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