Russia supplies coal from the occupied Donbass to 19 countries

The Russian Federation supplies anthracite mined in the occupied territories of Donbass to 19 countries.  In addition to Belarus, which previously appeared in such statements, deliveries go to Greece, Georgia and Korea.  It is reported by, citing a study of one of the major energy companies.

The largest buyers of coal from ORDLO are Turkey and Europe.  From March to December 2018, Turkey imported almost 3 million tons of coal, Romania takes the second place – 1.02 million tons, followed by Belgium – almost 877 thousand tons, Poland takes the fourth place – 333 thousand tons.

Recall that the Belarusian edition of Radio Liberty published an article stating that in 2018, Ukraine increased imports of anthracite coal from Belarus, which is not mined in this country almost a thousand times.

The publication suggested that coal, which Ukraine imported from Belarus, was mined in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Earlier it was reported that for the entire period of the conflict with the uncontrolled Ukrainian authorities of the territory of Donbass in the direction of Russia, about 5 million tons of coal were exported to third countries.



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