Russia allowed Kazakhstan to increase coal supplies to Ukraine

The Ministry of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan announced that it will supply 140 thousand tons of coal per month to Ukraine through Russia, BusinessCensor reports.

“Today, as a result of negotiations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation on the transit of Kazakh coal to Ukraine through the territory of the Russian Federation, the Kazakh side managed to increase the permitted transit volume to 140 thousand tons per month”, the statement said.

According to the Ministry of Trade, in July, the Kazakh side announced plans for transit through the territory of the Russian Federation to Ukraine in the amount of 103.5 thousand tons, the Russian side approved a quota of 60.2 thousand tons (58%). In August, 86.5 thousand tons (36%) of 240.8 thousand tons were approved. In September, the application was 189.7 thousand tons, the Russian side limited it to 86.5 thousand tons (45.5%). As of October, the application was 191.9 thousand tons, the Russian Federation approved 86.5 thousand tons (45%).

Recall that Kazakhstan reported a loss of $11.1 million due to the Russian restriction on coal transit to Ukraine. Representatives of the coal industry of Kazakhstan appealed to the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Earlier it was reported that from June 1, a Russian ban on the supply of coal and oil products to Ukraine had been imposed.

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