Russia has blocked coal supplies through the Belarusian corridor

Russia has stopped coal supplies to Ukraine through Belarus. This was announced by Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine and MP Mykhailo Volynets on his Facebook page.  

“Yesterday (October 1 – ed.), Russia blocked the Belarusian corridor of thermal coal supplies to Ukraine. The situation with the filling of coal warehouses of thermal power plants before winter was already unsatisfactory, now it will become disastrous”, he wrote.

According to him, 300-400 thousand tons of Russian coal were delivered to Ukraine through Belarus every month. Senders submitted applications for the Russian railway for transportation in the direction of Belarus. Since October 1, no application has been confirmed.

“This means creating a huge shortage of thermal coal at a dangerous moment – in winter”, he said.

On June 1, Russia’s ban on the supply of coal and oil products to Ukraine began. Now, for export, suppliers need to obtain special permits from the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Now, a critical situation has also arisen at Luhansk TPP. Due to the lack of coal reserves, TPP was switched to the use of natural gas. But at the end of September, DTEK sent a letter to Ukrenergo with information about the shutdown of Luhansk TPP due to the cessation of gas supplies.

It was previously reported that Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan accused Russia of quoting their coal exports to Ukraine. Countries supply their coal in transit through Russia.

Source: elektrovesti

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