By the coast of Turkey a ship with a coal sank, departed the “Azov” port. Sailors do not tell about the origin of coal

In the morning of January 7, the cargo ship “Volga-Balt” sank in the Black Sea by the coast of Turkey, carrying coal and flying the Panamanian flag. The ship could not stand the impact of the wave, broke and began to sink.

A cargo ship was moving from Russian port “Azov” to Turkish port “Samsun”, carrying coal. According to the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs data, “Azov” port, from which a ship departed, is frequently used for coal smuggling from occupied Donbass to Turkish ports and other countries.

13 people were on the board. 11 of them were Ukrainian national, 4 of them died.

Ukrainian sailors rescued from a ship near Turkey said they did not know the origin of the coal that ship was carrying, and they could not say anything about the company, which order they executed.

The rescued sailor Oleg Gerashchenko (from Kherson) told in his commentary to “Hromadske” that he and the crew did not know the origin of coal: “I have no idea, it is not known to any of us. The port is very large there, the cargo of the coal is very different: there is a small one, there is a big one - it is all black and there was no information about the place it comes from in those ports”.

He noted that he did not have information about the owner of the ship: “Here is written Panama, we did not get to know this information, did not want it, we did not need this information”.

Another rescued sailor, Pavel Milnichenko, said that he could not say anything about the ownership of the ship and the company, the order of which the team carried out. He added that “in a few days” everything will be known.

At the time of the accident, the ship was 130 km from the port of Samsun. Rescue helicopters and boats arrived at the scene. It is reported that as a result of the accident the ship split into two parts.



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