Ukrenergo: coal in warehouses is getting less and less

NPC Ukrenergo reported that last week the production of thermal power plants decreased by 1% (to 762.2 million kWh). The share of TPPs in covering the load was 26%.

On October 18, at the request of manufacturers, 9 units of TPPs and CHPPs with a total capacity of 2.2 GW were in emergency repair, while on the morning of October 11 - 11 units and 2 buildings of TPPs and CHPPs with a total capacity of 2.6 GW. In addition, at the request of manufacturers, due to lack of fuel, 22 units of thermal power plants and thermal power plants with a total capacity of 7.5 GW cannot operate.

The situation with coal accumulation worsened during the week. As of the morning of October 18, the total coal reserves in the TPP warehouses decreased by 6.4% (to 623.7 thousand tons) compared to the volume on the morning of October 11 (666.6 thousand tons). In addition, the reserves of gas coal decreased by 3.3% (to 494.4 thousand tons) and anthracite - by 16.9% (to 129.3 thousand tons).

Source: NPC Ukrenerrgo/Photo

The average daily volumes of coal supplies over the past 10 days amounted to 52.5 thousand tons, while consumption (combustion) - 62.4 thousand tons.

In addition, following the fuel accumulation schedule approved by the Ministry of Energy, there is 4.3 times less coal in the TPP warehouses than it should be on October 18.

As a reminder, DTEK announced what it will do in the coal regions after the transformation.

Earlier, the Cabinet approved the transformation of coal regions.

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